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What is WordPress ? Training in Urdu & Hindi

In this video tutorial I will teach you about WordPress and  WordPress elements

What is WordPress ?

As you know, Now a days WordPress is a Popular CMS system which is using billions of web masters for making websites or blogs. This is the most famous, simple and useful platform for building a new website or blog within a minute in PHP. I have already taught you How can We Install WordPress using Cpanel in my last video tutorial.

If you want to see this video tutorial pleas click here for watching

What features of WordPress ?

Now I teach you about features of  WordPress. If you have installed WordPress as I have taught you in my last video tutorial. Afterwards you will login in your own wordpress site using www.your site name.com/wp-admin and then put your username and Password. After login you can see a bar on left hand this bar know as WordPress features bar or Dashboard. In this bar you find lot of stuff related to wordpress like post , Media , Links , pages , comments, theme option in appearance, plugins , user, tools and settings . You need to play Video I have put below . I hope you will get Idea after watching my Video. I just give you an idea about wordpress features and in my next video I will teach you properly about these features, updates and how can we post on website

Start WordPress Training in urdu part 1 by f1823102053

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