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Liberty Reserve will be back or Not

What is liberty reserve ?

Let me simply tell you that what Liberty Reserve (LR) account will be allowing you to do once you sign up for it.

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What happened with liberty reserve

Rica-based Liberty Reserve, a payment processor favored by HYIP scammers and other criminals, is shut down — and there are reports that its operator is under arrest in Spain on money-laundering charges.

“We lost Huge $ Dollar” a poster on the Money Maker Group Ponzi forum complained. The poster’s forum signature was advertising AdHitProfits with a pitch of “125% – Superfast Earning.” It also was promoting Gold Alliance Funds, with a pitch of “4.5% for 45 Business Days for Read more Click here

Maybe Liberty Reserve will be back on 1st June.

Shadow server is used by the US Governments to seize a website that has did an online fraud. Basically, Liberty reserve is based on Costa Rica and US can’t do anything because it’s out of their juridical, so they contacted Costa Rica police etc. to cooperate with this and give them permission to do immediate action on this problem. They have been watched by the US Government since 2011 and they took action now. About the explanation I got from an LR staff. They will not close Okay? It’s not true that LR got hacked, they said they are just taking a break of what happened back there. LR will be back with a new and better. They will not CLOSE , your funds will stay there, no reduce no increase. It will just stay.
please don’t pass wrong information please

Liberty Reserve will be back soon.
Its a not confirmed news and Makemoneyinurdu.com not responsible at any case , it’s just a news in market ,

We have just one option , wait and watch

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  1. We can just pray and hope for the best

  2. Hello,
    Thanks for your article but for your kind information, LR will not be back online because it has been seized by the Govt. and owner has been arrested.

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