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Liberty reserve Security Settings guideline

How can we Secure Our Liberty reserve Account ?

Today we learn how can we secure our Liberty reserve Account , in this post you find a  Video and guideline about Liberty reserve Account . you much read and watch my video if you want save your dollar’s

IP Security

Liberty Reserve provides advanced IP Security for our customers. To increase the security of your account it is recommended to keep it enabled. System will send Verification PIN to your e-mail/phone each time you login from different IP Address/location to make sure you are the real owner of this account. To change settings of your IP Security you have to login to your account, go to Settings tab and open Change Security Settings link. You can select between three levels of IP Security:
Disabled (location change is not checked, you can access your account from any location without entering additional Verification PIN)
Medium (you have to enter Verification PIN if you login from different Region/ISP)
High (you have to enter Verification PIN each time your IP address changed)

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Delivery Method

You can choose the method Verification PIN and Account Reset Code will be delivered to you. Liberty Reserve offers two options: send to e-mail associated with your Liberty Reserve account or to your cellphone by SMS. If you want to use SMS method, you need to verify your Mobile Phone first. Once your Mobile Phone is verified you can select SMS method. Liberty Reserve reserves the right to charge SMS fee from your LR account.

Authorized Devices

If If you want to protect the security of your account but do not want to enter your verification PIN each time that the IP address of your computer is changed, you can authorize trusted devices in order to quickly log in from them in the future without entering your Verification PIN. To do this, login to your account, go to Settings tab, open Change Security Settings link and enable Remember This Computer checkbox. After your PIN is entered upon login, the system will suggest that you authorize the device from which you are logging in. If you believe this device is trusted, you can give a name to this device and authorize it. Once device is authorized you do not have to enter Verification PIN if IP address/location of this device changed. If you cannot fully trust the device you are using to login to your account, you can skip device authorization.


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