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Forex Trading Training in urdu Part 2

A.O.A My name is Raheel Nawaz, welcome to makemoneyinurdu.com

In our last lecture we learn about, how to create an account ? Today we will learn more about this. Hopefully you download and install the software according to instruction. Now we will login into this software. You have to put id and password as you received from Exness through email and sms. you have to select the server (Exness Real 2).

After selection click on login. After logged in you can see your balance on your screen. Ok we have login in our account and now we will take a review of the software that the Meta Trader 4, which we are going to use for our Forex Trading. What it this actually? And How we have to do work on it, we will learn here.

First of all like every software, we can see a menu bar here containing multiple options to use. A complete chart is given here let’s take a review, the main thing in this “watch market” time is running beside watch market, Today is Sunday when I am making this video, time is running but market is stopped because as I told you earlier that Market remain closed on Saturday and Sunday, and it run five days in a week. ok

In watch market we can see
Symbols first, after that Bid and Ask, well in symbols there are different currencies and their pairs. we all know about currency.
Here is the question that, What is the Pair? Pair is the combination of two currcencies. For example you can see a chart, in which showing USD/PKR and rates of both currencies given here..Now what is the work in Forex? The actual work in Forex is buy and sell of currencies.

If you see that rate is going down of your currency you will purchase, and when rate goes up, you will sell it..
For example you have Pakistan rupees, and you convert it to USD in may 2012, you take dollar in 91PKR, and keep it save, and in jun 2012 when you want to sale, here you can see the rate is up to 94 PKR +, and if you sale at this time you will get profit 4PKR per 1 USD. Like this if you do more wait and sale it in august you can see that the rate goes more up to 95 PKR, and you will get profit by this ratio on that time. This is the work, which we will do in Forex. Combination of two currencies is pair, as you can see here our 1st pair is EUR/USD. We will pick this pair and put into the market graph, here are many other different pairs, oil gold etc. you can find the all currencies of each country of the world. Here we don’t have to wait for a year, month, days or hours, currencies are going up and down in minutes. AS today when i m making this video, is Sunday so market is not working, I will show in my next video when market will moving. At this time we are taking a little basic introductory view.  Down here, we see a navigator bar, in which first is account given, which is our Login account. and expert advice, script are also given. Now come at the bottom where you can see terminal, in which you can see your balance as well as your trades or orders. here you can see my three orders, Accounts history is also showing here with all details that how many trades you placed with loss and profit.

You can see here news, mail box, alerts and signals as well.  Now see above of the chart, which is given showing from minutes to months as per your requirement, in which you can get your market moving reports. Now i am going to discuss with you the most important thing, which is the market price, which you can say here.

As today you can see market is not moving due to Sunday and still on 1.33175, this is the market closing rate last night..If it will move 1 point up or down than we will say that market moves 1 Pif up or 1 Pif down, I want to tell you here about Pif. So this is the moving of market, and market will count by Pifs.

Now click on new order, Now from here we can buy and sell.
This is the volume

Stop Close
Take Profit

I will tell you next about, how to buy and sell and how to generate profit.. I will show you practically.
Now a most asking question by the viewer is about to next video.. I request to all my respecable view to put your email here and click on subscribe,  by doing this you can get every new video automatically.

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