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Make money with forex

Forex Trading Training in urdu Part 3

A.O.A, My name is Raheel Nawaz . Welcome to makemoneyinurdu.com Today we will learn about New Order. What is new order? As you saw in our last video we read about symbol and taken a little basic introduction only, because the market was close on that day, and we did as much as possible in a little video. So today ...

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Forex Trading Training in urdu Part 2

A.O.A My name is Raheel Nawaz, welcome to makemoneyinurdu.com In our last lecture we learn about, how to create an account ? Today we will learn more about this. Hopefully you download and install the software according to instruction. Now we will login into this software. You have to put id and password as you received from Exness through email ...

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Forex Trading Training in urdu Part 1

My name is Raheel Nawaz. I belongs to Gujranwala, Welcome to Make Money Online.  I will teach you that, how can you earn money from home, and how many types of Online businesses and their methods and how can we do these online businesses? Today about which topic we will learn called Forex. Forex is the word came out from ...

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Make Money Online with forex in urdu part 1

hey dear friends to day we learn about forex in urdu , fist i give you all basice info about forex in easy urdu , lest start learning forex in urdu  Let’s know about FOREX Trading   FOREX is actually derived from FOReign-EXchange. Dealing with foreign currencies is called FOREX.  Forex was established in 1971. It’s a market where we can ...

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