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How to Install WordPress using Cpanel in urdu | hindi

In this video tutorial you will learn about WordPress As you know. WordPress is a Popular CMS system which is using billions of web masters for making website or blogs. This is the most famous, simple and useful platform for building a new websites or blog within minute in PHP. i have already taught you about domain and hosting . Now ...

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How to buy domain and hosting and Manage DNS with Cpanel

In this video tutorial you learn about how can buy domain and hosting. I am also teaching you, how can we configure domain and hosting using cpanel and domain control panel. we just configure hosting with domain DNS or name servers. How to buy a domain name If you want to make a website. Fist of all you buy a ...

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Make money online training courses

Welcome To fist lecture of Make money online training courses  ,  In this lecture we discuss, why we need website for Make money online Why we need a website or blog fist you must know what is website ? and What is blog ? What is website ? A computer connected to the internet that maintains a series of web pages on the World ...

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