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Buy or sell Liberty Reserve (LR) in Pakistan

buy & sell liberty reserve

For many of you, who don’t know of Liberty Reserve: It is an E-Currency much popular in running era.

Actually, the Internet is a whole new as well as complete world. Not unlike our real world, It has its own investors, Publishers, Advertisers, Salesmen, Consumers, Judiciary, Products, Markets, Societies and all other components of our lives. Internet has created an exact image of our real world with much accuracy.

In the similar way, there are E-businesses, E-banks and E-currencies. I mean businesses running on Internet, Banking working online and currencies accepted online.

Liberty Reserve is one of those E-currencies. LR (Liberty Reserve) has earned a lot of popularity in Pakistan. The reason behind this is quite evident as we can trade LR at an out-numbered places.

  • Many companies accept Liberty Reserve (LR) as payment.
  • Many of the markets let you shop with Liberty Reserve (LR).
  • A lot of businesses accept LR as investment plans.
  • A huge amount of trade is observed in the form of Liberty Reserve (LR).

If you don’t have an LR account just go to ( https://www.libertyreserve.com/en/registration ) sometime and signup. But by now stay with us as we have come up with a big deal of information for you.

What is your Liberty Reserve (LR) account?

Let me simply tell you that what Liberty Reserve (LR) account will be allowing you to do once you sign up for it.

  • Pay Liberty Reserve (LR) to anyone on Internet for services, offers, products they provide.
  • Earn Liberty Reserve (LR) from many places on Internet for Services, Benefits or Products you impart.
  • Transfer Liberty Reserve (LR) to other account holders.
  • Receive Liberty Reserve (LR) from other account holders.
  • Load your Liberty Reserve (LR) account balance.
  • Unload/withdraw your account balance.


What are problems Trading Liberty Reserve (LR)?

Being in our beloved homeland, we face countless problems due to our brothers and sisters who scam spam or fraud. Giving you a bird’s eye view to such issues; many multinational companies don’t settle in Pakistan because of insecurities they face, many billionaires don’t invest in Pakistan economy due to its unpredictable nature. In a very resembling way, Internet community does not really much on us.

So, there are always checkpoints restrictions and other problems.

Coming back to LR, You will face these issues from Pakistan:

v      You cannot load Liberty Reserve (LR) account with your Debit/Credit cards.

v      You cannot load Liberty Reserve (LR) account via Bank wire transfers or Direct deposits.

v      You cannot withdraw money from Liberty Reserve (LR) account into Credit/Debit cards.

v      You cannot withdraw money into Bank account.

These restrictions could have made LR useless in Pakistan if and only if WE WERE NOT HERE. We have brought solutions for you.

Dear viewers, if you can’t transfer money between Liberty Reserve (LR) account and your personal Pakistani Account, there might have been No use of other services offered by Liberty Reserve (LR). You cannot choose Liberty Reserve (LR) for shopping nor can you for earning online.

To make LR useful, Come on trade with us.


We offer you to buy Liberty Reserve (LR) and Sale Liberty Reserve (LR) to us. You exchange for PKR and also for other E-currencies like PayPal, Payza, Solid Trust Pay and others. You can pay us any E-currency or PKR and get any E-currency or PKR.

Why to choose us?

You don’t need to ponder upon since we are to answer you.

Trading E-currencies is an entirely trust dependent thing. Even then you can compare us other competitors of ours.

We don’t scam, spam or fraud.

We have very good reputition.

We have reliable transaction history.

We have earned a good fame among Pakistani traders.


How to trade with us?

We are not going to plunge you into a lot of trouble since Life is tough already. You have to fill a simple form with personal information and choose the E-currency you want to trade. We will be contacting you very soon afterwards.

Form is here;


Terms and conditions

ü      You are required to convey all info about you in the form like CNIC and correct name.

ü      You will have to pay the amount when buying a currency before we send you currency.

ü      You will have to send the currency when selling it before you we pay you.


For any quarries, support or information feel free to contact

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